Mia Khalfia’s 21 Hottest Instagram Moments Prove Why She’s A Social Media Legend

Boasting over 3.3 million Instagram followers, former adult actress Mia Khalifa is one of the biggest social media sensations in the game right now. What makes Mia unique, and somewhat controversial, is her die-hard passion for all things sports. No joke guys, the woman does not play when it comes to fiercely protecting her favorite teams.

So, who does Mia root for? Well, she certainly doesn’t discriminate when it comes to athletics — she champions all sports both professionally and on a college level. When it comes to the NBA, Khalifa is 100% a tried and true Washington Wizards fan. As far as the NCAA goes, Mia is a Florida State Seminoles girl through and through! Most recently she’s shared some hot pics in support of the MLB’s Chicago Cubs and of course, we can’t forget Lacrosse! Mia loves her some Maryland Terrapins.

Simply put, Mia is more knowledgable on sports than most grown men out there. As we said earlier, her knowledge sometimes leads to some serious Twitter beefs and not just with fellow-fans. Khalifa has been known to go at it with an athlete a time or two, in more ways than one. Let’s just say, she isn’t opposed to sliding into a players’ DMs and visa-versa.

Given the nature of the internet, we’ve gotta give Mia some serious props. She holds her own no matter how hard a team’s fanbase comes after her! She’s even parlayed her crazy knowledge of sports into a career. She’s now the co-host of a Complex series called, “Out Of Bounds” where she shoots the sh*t about everything from player injuries to team predictions. All in all, they don’t make a lot of ’em quite like Mia and we think you guys will certainly appreciate what we’ve gathered for you today.

Keep scrolling for Mia Khalifa’s most sizzling Instagram moments. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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